BSA River Raft Regatta 2017

Mission accomplished. Last year we sank and this year we didn’t. On April 22nd 2017 the Sigma Beta Club of West Palm Beach participated in its second River Raft Regatta at Camp Tanah Keeta in Tequesta Florida. This experience was one to be remembered. We chose to improve and expand on our raft that sank the previous year. The engineering was sound, but the execution was a little flawed. This time we placed our improved raft on the banks of the river and embarked on to the course without incident.

We braved that treacherous river overcoming wind, strong currents, bad singing, and pirate attacks. But in the end the Blue Boat proved seaworthy. An hour and a half and three pirate attacks after we departed the Blue Boat return to shore; completely the course for the first time. We look forward to doing it again next year with a brand new boat design.

Tino Cash

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