BSA River Raft Regatta 2016

On May 15 2016 Venture Crew 1950 had the pleasure of participating in the Boy Scout’s annual River Raft Regatta. This was our first experience of it’s kind. The process of building a raft was a challenge. Our first raft design had to be scrapped, and we had to start from square one with a new design. But the young men were up to the challenge. We met up each day after school and worked on the construction of the SB 1950. And soon enough we had built a river ready raft for 5 crew members.

On competition day we put the final paint touch ups on the raft. When our raft number was called we launched our vessel onto the lake. A successful trip around the course was on the horizon. Unfortunately on the route back we started taking on water and capsized. Once back on solid ground, the first thing the young men expressed was how they were going to improve the raft and be better next year. Watching them build as a team, navigate the river as a team, capsize as a team, and plan to come back next year as a team proves this experience to be a success. We’re looking forward to next year!

Tino Cash

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