TK Gator Grind 2016

On March 6th Venture Crew 1950 got its first tour of Camp Tanah Keeta.  We visited the dining hall, lodging, amphitheatre, COPE and a number of campsites.  This tour was key to getting the young men excited about venturing. At the conclusion of the tour the Sigma Betas were asked if they wanted to participate in the TK Gator Grind, and from that, our Sigma Beta Mudders team was born.

Six Sigma Betas came out to the TK Gator Grind to represent Venture Crew 1950.  For all of the young men, this was their first obstacle run. And needless to say everyone was excited.  After a brief session of snapping pictures around the camp everyone got registered, received their tracker tags, and headed to the starting line to join a heat.

And we’re off!  Judging by the fast pace and the smiles the first mile was a breeze for the boys.  Reality set in when they had to jump in a lake a little above waist deep and wade across the water about 60 yards. Now they were running in soaked clothing and shoes.  And then came the mud.  And now came reality. “This is way harder than I thought it would be” was the running sentiment at this point. So slowly but surely the pace got slower, there was some walking, a lot of struggle, a lot of encouragement, but no quitting.

When the last member of the team crossed the finish line it was nothing but smiles.  There was one Sigma Beta who’s pace didn’t slow. He finished with the 10th fastest time of the day.  Not bad for the Sigma Beta Mudders first obstacle course.  No injuries, lots of smiles, and everyone is ready for the next race.  We’ll definitely be at the next TK Gator Grind.

Tino Cash

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